Apartment Runner Prototype
Wally Game Prototype

A personal video game project that follows the story of someone trying to survive an alien invasion. This covers the first level, which requires the player to escape the apartment building, full of debris and pitfalls. Can the player escape as the lights begin to flicker and fade? What awaits them on the outside?


  • 2D Platformer developed in Unity, written in JavaScript
  • Randomly generated levels
  • 2D sprite animations
  • Repeatable tiles
  • Pitfalls, debris, and flickering lights

This is a game concept for a 3D platformer that follows a scientist, armed only with exploding beakers, as he travels across the multiverse. This demo focuses on a two-part jungle level in which Wally must jump gaps, dodge fireballs, survive a tunnel of rotating guillotines, and finally defeat the temple boss: a floating Easter Island head statue.


  • 3D Platformer developed in Unity
  • Boss Fight
  • Animated life bar
  • Portals
  • Falling platforms, fireballs, and swinging guillotines

A crazed A.I. has trapped you on an elevator. You get to be the first human test subject to see how well it performs. Lucky you! Can you survive 100 floors of randomized attacks and defeat the A.I. to escape? Tell the World and stop it from taking over, before it's too late!


  • Randomized gameplay
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Multiple control options
  • High score system
  • 2D game made in Unity